Facts and Notes

  • Washout Solutions is also considered the Best Available Technology (BAT) and Best Management Practice (BMP) for concrete washout, wastewater containment, and recycling.
  • A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP identifies potential pollution sources from construction activities and describes the methods used to control the pollutants. Most SWPPPs will have a list of approved methods of controlling and containing perceived pollutants.
  • All Federal and State laws are enforced by the Department of Conservation and Recreation in Virginia; and the Department of Natural Resources in Maryland.

Your Wastewater Solution

Washout Solutions is the ONLY portable watertight wastewater containment service in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Washout Solutions' watertight bin controls, captures and contains ALL of the caustic wastewater and washout material from concrete trucks and pumps, reducing any possibility of an illegal discharge and thus protecting the clients and the environment.

As a result, Washout Solutions alleviates the mess and headaches of SWPPP compliance for wastewater containment and concrete washout. The use of this system reduces the risk of Owner’s, Developer’s, and General Contractor’s exposure to civil liability, project delays, and the associated fines. From Residential to Commercial construction, Washout Solutions is the best and most efficient wastewater containment system on the market.