Washout Solutions' Container

Washout Solutions water tight bins are delivered to ANY location on a jobsite. Once the bin is set in place, the concrete trucks can washout directly in the bin. When the bins are full, call for a pick up, and we do the rest. No water is left or dumped on site and we are responsible of disposing of the waste water and solid concrete material.

The solid concrete waste is weighed and can contribute to LEED® Materials and Resources credits on a project seeking LEED® certification. The water can be recovered, treated, and used for irrigation or other non potable uses.


  • Ramped- 20’Lx8’Wx2’H
  • Rampless- 14’Lx8’Wx2’H
Holding Capacity
  • 5.5 cubic yards, which is the equivalent of 38 ready-mix trucks and 2 pump trucks or 350 cubic yards of poured concrete.